About Us

Buckeye Blends

Here at Buckeye Blends we believe in good food.  We believe in sharing a table with friends and family (and maybe a new acquaintance or two).  We believe in fueling our bodies with wholesome, nutritional bites of pure magic.  Our table is the place to *share* - good food, good stories, and memory-making conversations and experiences.

Buckeye Blends has spent years searching for the best aged balsamic vinegar and the freshest extra virgin olive oil on the market.  We take our products very seriously and insist on only the *absolute best* for our customers.  Our name and reputation have been built on honesty, integrity, and sheer will and determination to get it right.

We truly hope you enjoy the experience of our vinegars, oils, dipping herbs, olives, and more!  They are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family every day of the year!